Learning Biblical Principles - Catching the concept

 This class reviews foundational insights to begin the maturing process by learning biblical principles.

The Mitt Concept:

The Mitt's Definitions

Establish Biblical Priorities

Define Biblical Responsibilities

Accept Biblical Principles

Submit to Biblical Choices

Submitting by Faith

Other Stages:

Learning Biblical Principles

Selecting Biblical Principles

Living Biblical Principles

Biblical Choices - Overview


I wondered, do I ask others which way do I
Or is it up to me to decide and to know
Will it be mine or some other way
This is the choice I must make

There are many decisions I must make
Often I wonder what route I will take
Only one way is sufficient for you and me
it is the Lord Jesus, believe him and

How can he help a person like me
Just trust in Christ and he will set you free
No matter your problem, none is too tough
As long as you trust in Him, He is never too Rough

The Mitt


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