This study is designed for disciples who are interested in living out biblical principles by faith that transform failure into victory.

'O Lord I'm glad you're there
Because then I know you really care!
For when I blow it
I'm sure that you know it.
Help me to learn when I stumble
To try harder to be humble.
Help me in my daily walk
To listen more than to talk.

Help me to experience your guiding light
So I can discern when I am right!
As I go  through many trials
I must travel many miles.
Now I submit to Your control
and I can commit to Your patrol.
At first, I struggled admitting my many mistakes
However, I soon experienced this as my first STEPS IN FAITH!

We will learn how the truth buy faith sets us free.

Discipleship's Process


Victory in Truth and Love


Trials and Temptations


From Failure to Victory


The Discipleship Homes

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