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This study is designed for disciples who are interested in living out biblical principles by faith that transform failure into victory.


'O Lord I'm glad you're there
Because then I know you really care!
For when I blow it
I'm sure that you know it.
Help me to learn when I stumble
To try harder to be humble.
Help me in my daily walk
To listen more than to talk.

Help me to experience your guiding light
So I can discern when I am right!
As I go  through many trials
I must travel many miles.
Now I submit to Your control
and I can commit to Your patrol.
At first, I struggled admitting my many mistakes
However, I soon experienced this as my first STEPS IN FAITH!

We will learn how the truth buy faith sets us free.


Christ's Lordship


A Love Attitude


Victory Through Our Lives


A Discipleís Speech



The Discipleship Homes

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