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Lifestyle Evangelism
Lifestyle Evangelism changed many lives as it first changed me. I choose understand and my imperfections because the Lord takes me, as I am, so I willingly empathized with others. I continued to deal with my sins not judging others. When I modeled respect for others, I shared how my freedom of choice was only available in Christ. People in my life were interested in my story. I reviewed and integrated my flesh, and my faith responsibilities. So I matured in my faith by the power of prayer, fellowship, the Word, and witnessing. Taking the time to relate and build friendships. This allowed me to build open relationships. Caring and interest in peoples life opened the door for others to consider other options in life. Not forcing others to change but sharing how I changed allowed people to hear and consider on their own. Prayer brought people and no pressure because it does not work. Also, there are unlimited people daily I encounter. Yes some I met once, daily, weekly, but most of all when the Holy Spirit brought them. Timing when or who came was not my responsibility. I need to accept, understand, and not push the answer. Through the process many then accept an invitation to receive the LORD. this was their choice all I had to do was pray and answer, if I could what they asked.

Christianity's  Perspective
Christianity is the most misunderstood and rejected Good News. Many people tend to focus primarily on the law that prevents conversion because the law becomes the only focus. Instead we are to focus on a relationship with God that is true, holy, and, loving.

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