# 1. Fears and Insecurities Confronted - For many evangelism is often empathized as sales rather than an opportunity to personally model a lifestyle. For instance, I was transferred to a new work location, and the unbelieving people in my new department began to talk about another employee. He is an example of sales rather than modeling a lifestyle. For example, he forced God into every conversation.  In addition, his sales techniques opened the door to become an easy target for personal humiliation and arguments. For instance, he would erupt with a quick judgment about any moral subject. I noticed that the others employees enjoyed stimulating him and getting his defensive response. Therefore, if we try to pressure techniques of sales to unbelievers they can make a game it. Unbelievers laugh rejecting the messenger and never consider getting interested in the message. This experience brought forth many personal fears and insecurities. Sales without modeling caused the rejection of the messenger and their message. We need tot be real.

Fear - After seeing the reaction of unbelievers to the message and messenger, fear set in.  Zealousness was a weakness of mine too, so I shuddered as I realized how unbelievers react to a "religious maniac."  For instance, as a new believer, I went over to visit my unbelieving family carrying a Bible, and I strongly told them that the Rapture was going to occur very soon. So they better accept Jesus now! As I stomped out of the house, I told them, ‘I must now go and tell all my friends.’ After this sales effort, my family did not talk to me for two months

Insecurities - After my personal acceptance of Christ my burning desire was to reach others with the truth of Christ personal redeeming, yet I was overwhelmed because I was not equipped to effectively share the gospel. To be effective I knew I must get past my insecurities with my new faith.  At another time, I decided that I needed to learn about my new faith. I was stunned to immobility, so the next move was to discover an effective way to share the gospel.

# 2. Fishing Took Precedence Over Hunting

Hunting - The first problem was that hunting was easier than fishing. Hunting was the technique that I used on my family. For example, during hunting the hunter's mind process was set to sneak up on the prey. As a hunting message bearer I was also likely to act out impulsively and shot out judgments. Another instance of hunting, at work I often noticed that the other workers needed to complete more work, so like a Pharisee I pointed out employees problems. I planned that this way these people would see their need for a Savior. As a hunter, it was easier to point out the sin of others rather than admit the pain and denial of my own personal faults. Hunting created too many problems, so I investigated the techniques of fishing. The road to victory was limited at the beginning, but in Christ integrating biblical principles into my life broadened His victories.  A transforming life was the only bait I needed to catch the interest of any wary unbeliever. I must accept my imperfections because the Lord takes me as I am, so I should be willing to empathize with others.

Fishing - Fishermen must know their specie's cultural background, needs, and wants. Personal introspection revealed ‘my real person’ which was ‘weak’ and imperfect. Out of my weakness came the strength to empathize. I learned that as a fisherman I was able to use sins common knowledge as a vehicle to relate people, creatures of the same species, instead of acting like a head hunter standing in judgment of the others imperfection. For example, at every break we would gossip about other workers, so I would agree or start to gossip about another person. But I realized what I was doing, so I stopped talking about others. When I  went back to work, my boss, asked me why it bothered me to talk behind peoples' backs. I told him, I did not like it when people talked about me, so it was not right for me to talk behind someone's back. Therefore, in modeling respect for others, I was able to share how my freedom of choice was only available in Christ. Suddenly then people were interested in the story. I noted the importance to expose and not impose the message. To overcome my insecurities and fears of personal rejection, the principle of exposure of the message, fishing, was an effective way to witness. After many rejections, fishing, revealing of the message took precedence over, hunting, ‘jamming’ the message of ‘the Bible’ down everyone 'throat. This is not the true biblical way! Exposing the truth is.

Lifestyle Evangelism: Fears and insecurities confronted and Fishing took precedence over hunting | Getting the story straight and Not religious, but realistic

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