'The Mitt’ is an example and my personal on-going journey towards maturity. Formerly, I never dealt with issues from my past. These issues continued to control my life and blocked my sanctification, maturity. I continued in sinful familiar patterns rather than accept personal responsibility. Then, I observed that  Roman’s 15:16 command that all believers’ be sanctified by the Holy Spirit. I pray and hope this will give you some principles towards maturity.

Sanctification is a faith process that occurs step-by-step and reveals personal choices and changes.

I realized the importance of personal application as a key to maturity. Next, after I began dealing with my life's issues, I discovered a five-stage process: Admit, submit, remit, commit, and transmit. For application to occur, a process of catching principles and then passing them on is needed. I thought of a baseball glove as a good model to catching principles. I then came up with ‘the Mitt’ model to help understand the sanctification process, the maturity process. The Mitt" process finally helps to begin and work through both psychological truths and spiritual truths as we seek maturity.

In the following stages, I will model the sanctification process where I will reveal the need for biblical principles, the Holy Spirit, and our willingness to persevere with Jesus to seek personal growth. This is the most exciting opportunity of this life.

The five stage sanctification process:

1 Admit All Truths

2 Submit All Thoughts and Actions

3 Remit From My Past Failures

4 Commit to A New Lifestyle

 5 Transmit Truths  

The Mitt's Definitions

The Mitt


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